Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A way to review Classical Conversations Memory Work and multi-task

I like to mix things up when it comes to reviewing CC memory work.  Now that my oldest is on his 2nd time through Cycle 1, I can see the value of consistent review from an early age.

Sometimes, I just say the memory work sentence/question using my CC guide or keyring cards. Other times, we utilize some of the great printables on CC Connected.  Some days, we review by listening to the Memory Work cd's in the van while we are on the go.

My new favorite way is using our Google Chromecast to broadcast the student tutorials on CC Connected from my computer to the tv.

This works for us because...

- I ask the kids to bring something to play with/keep busy while they listen and watch. (Today E brought out some Lego friends, A brought out Extreme dot to dots and Magic School bus book, J brought out his 'animal' toys.

E brought out Legos

A's book

J's animals

- They are listening to the memory work and looking up when something catches their attention.

- They are singing or saying the memory work while keeping busy with legos or pretend play.

- This is 'fun' school to them.

- It produces questions like 'Was Gandhi good?', "Did he know God?", "What is a tendril?", "Do you know what that picture of a palmate is?...cilantro!"

- I have my laptop in the living room with them on a sofa desk that I can control and push the 'next' button.
From my laptop to the tv.

- I can linger over coffee.

- I can put in a load of laundry.

- I can clean up my desk.

- I can check email.

- I can write in their assignment books for their daily work.

- I can pour another cup of coffee.

You get the picture.

Here are a couple of photos of where to find the tutorials.  (You do have to have a CC Connected monthly subscription  to access these.)

On the home page of go to the 'Connected' heading.  Under Foundations, click on the 'Student Tutorials'.  Then, if you want to have it broadcast it via Chromecast, hit your Chromecast icon on your computer to display it on your tv.

Chromecast is available at Walmart, Amazon and host of other places.   I just think this way of using it is a great way to get Memory Work in and multi-task:)

Monday, August 31, 2015

First Week of School 2015: School Room set-up and what we use for Bible, Math and Science

Here is short video of our homeschool room set -up and what we are using for Bible, Math and Science.

  We started school today after a 2 month break that went by super fast!  The kids were all begging to start school...yes, begging.   So, I decided, yeah---we can start slowly and just do 3 or 4 subjects and then add in the rest the following week.
Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Beginners

BSGFAA - intermediate

Filling out calendars for Math

We are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages  This is new for us.  I chose NOT to print it out on my own.  Instead, I bought them printed and bound and ready to go.  It really is an open and go type of Bible Study and I like that.  The only thing it does not have are memory verses to go with the lessons.  So I'm continuing to use Hubbard Cupboard's Character Trait Tune Charts:

We are continuing with CLE (Christian Light) for Math.  It is a favorite for it's ease of teaching, instruction, approach and scope/sequence.  The entire first light unit is review of the previous grade.  It helps highlight an area if they need to practice or have it re-explained before proceeding with new concepts.

We are also trying something new for Science this year: Lifepac  I like that it is low prep for me and they all have a Science that is on their own grade levels.

Lastly, we try to prepare for Presentations each day before Friday.  Classical Conversations ensures that each student has 2-3 minutes to give a Presentation to their class.  This is such a great opportunity to work on Public Speaking skills.  We take the inch by inch approach---a little practice or prep each day before Presentation.

Next week, I will share what we are using for Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Writing, Literature, History and Memory Work.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CC Cycle 1 Weeks 1-12 Craft Links

I collected links for printables, crafts and activities to go along with our books and read alouds and History sentences.  I tried to choose those that can eventually fit in a binder.  So, you won't find salt dough maps or large/bulky crafts here.  While those are super fun, I have found that if I can 3 hole punch has a better change of being filed and stored in their portfolios.

Blessings to you and yours!

Here's the dropbox file:

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cycle 1 Literature List: Picture Book and Read Aloud list

It's no secret that I love books.  I love learning about people, places and things from real books.  When we went through Cycle 1 three years ago, I posted this list that went along with books from either Five in a Row or Homeschool Share year:
Original Cycle 1 reading list (from our first time through Cycle 1)

Here's our current one (with a craft list coming soon)
Cycle 1 Booklist (Round Two)

Cycle 1 Reading List for Year: ________________________________
Picture Book
Read Aloud/Chapter Book


10 Commandments
The Littlest Mountain by Barb Rosenstock
10 Commandments
Sarah and Paul Go to the Museum by Derek Prime


Rookie Read About Geography: Nile River
By Allan Fowler
Seeker of Knowledge: The Man who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphics by James Rumford

Greek/Roman gods
Norman the Doorman by Don Freeman
Our Little Spartan Cousin  by Julia Darrow Cowles
-   Find  Hermes/Mercury connection in ‘Norman’
-   ‘Spartan Cousin’ $1.99 Kindle Edition

Aesop for Children illustrated by Milo Winter
Growing Up in Ancient Greece by Chelepi


Ottavia e I Gatti di Roma by Claudia Cerulli
Our Little Roman Cousin by Julia Darrow Cowles
- ‘Roman Cousin’ $1.99 Kindle


Pompeii: Burned Alive by Edith Davis
Imagination Station: Doomsday in Pompeii by Herring/McCusker


Can Brown Eyes be Made Blue?  MacKenzie
The Hidden Jewel by Dave and Neta Jackson
- Both books this week focusing on Missionary to India: Amy Carmichael.


The Story of Little Babaji by Bannerman
The Story of Lord Clive by Lang and Orr
- ‘Lord Clive’ $2.99 Kindle

The Empty Pot by Demi Growing up in Ancient China by Teague
The Great Wall of China by Fisher
Jr. World Explorers: Marco Polo by Graves

A Pair of Red Clogs by Matsuno
The Japanese Twins by Perkins
- ‘Twins’ free on Kindle

Byzantine Empire/Middle East
The Very First Christmas by Meier
Stories from the Crusades by Kelman

Middle East
Day of Ahmed’s Secret by Heidi

Middle East
Arabs in the Golden Age by Moktefi

Picture Book
Read Aloud/Chapter Book


Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown
Stories from Africa by Inquisicorp


Mosquitoes buzz in Peoples Ears by
By Allan Fowler
Africa is my Home: A Child of the Amistad by Monica Edinger

David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer by: Meloche
Story of David Livingstone by Golding
-   ‘Story of David..’ Kindle .99 c

Hill of Fire by Lewis
Guide to Mexico by Highlights


Say Hola to Spanish by Elya
Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: The Quest for Aztec Gold by Hunt


Pompeii: Burned Alive by Edith Davis
Imagination Station: Doomsday in Pompeii by Herring/McCusker


North American Indians
North American Indians  Gorsline
North American Indians
Vostaas by Buffalo


North American Indians
Grandmother’s Adobe Dollhouse by Smith
North American Indians
Cities in the Sand by Warren

Very Last First Time by Andrews
Kids Book of Canadian Explorers by Owens

Good Night by Canada by Gamble
Paddle to the Sea by Holling

South America
Nate Saint: Heavenbound by Meloche
South America
The Fate of the Yellow Wood Bee by Jackson

Napoleon/South America
Biblioburro by Winter

Napoleon/South America
The Story of Napoleon by Marshall

6 Step History and People/Places History Sheets

So this year we will begin our 5th year at Classical Conversations.  It will also be our eldest son's 2nd time through Cycle 1.  He'll have one more pass through this Cycle before he goes to Challenge.  I love that he's getting layer upon layer of learning this History.

I love when my kiddos make connections with their History sentences, literature, the Bible, etc.

However, my eldest son, (let's just call him A) is not so much into arts-y/craft-y stuff.  He has always been a 'spewing out what he knows' kind of guy or 'reading all he can get his hands on a topic' kind of dude.

So I put together this to help him (and me) track his History learning.  We do not have a History Curriculum per se.  We use CC Cycle 1 History sentences as our 'spine'.  I then have a gazillion lot of supporting books like 'Story of the World', 'Pages of History', Usborne Encycolpedia's and a great many other non-fiction books.  On top of that, I have selected a picture book and chapter book/read aloud for my children to go along with each History sentence.  I love to read, A loves to read, my two littles love to be read to....this works for us.  See our History Picture books and Read Alouds here.

Without further ado here is 6 Step History and the 'People/Places' sheets.  A will fill these out each week.  And, he'll have fun or else....kidding on that one...hahhaha.  I think he'll like having it spiral bound and not fishing for Notebook pages or Narration sheets.  At the end of the year he'll have a great record of what he has learned in History --History---History--History:)

6 Step History

People-Places History Pages

Monday, February 23, 2015

History Enrichment Week 19: NATO


-          Treaty
-          Organization
-          Allies
-          Alliance
-          Communism


-          Directions: N, S, E, W
-          Oceans: Arctic, Indian, Atlantic and Pacific ‘tune to Ring around the rosie’
-          Color NATO countries blue and Communist (former) RED (use the links above)
-          Color the Nato flag:
-      Watch Torchlighters 'Richard Wurmbrand' (available on Amazon Instant) and discuss and do some of the free printables found on resources page.


Breaking Stalin’s Nose
Red Kite, Blue Kite
Rechenka’s Eggs
*Raggedy Andy (very loosely mentioned on Homeschool Share)