Monday, August 30, 2010

Curriculum Update

The last few months I have been busy with planning and gathering materials for our after Labor Day start of school.  In the process, I found myself adding, supplementing, and searching for activities to 'beef up' what I had planned.  So I stopped and thought, well maybe I should NOT be using this for my oldest.  I was drained from all of the research--so I turned it over to my DH...and dear he is.  He really came to my rescue--our rescue.

I wrote an overview of each curricula I was looking into and the pro's and con's of each.  Sonlight and My Father's World were the finalists.  And I'm happy to say that we have chosen My Father's World Kindergarten for Bud's Kindergarten year.  Now that's another dilemma...should I call it Pre-K 4, Kindergarten or K4?? 

I am thrilled with our choice for Bud's K year!  Sissy is also getting in on the act..well sort of...she will also have 1:1 time with Mom each day for Tot School.  (More on that later)  I have also come up with some activities, songs, and other ideas for Little Bear that I will rotate through on a monthly basis.  I'll post more details on Tot School for Sissy and Lil Bear soon.

In gearing up for our first day, I really felt the need to do a unit study with the kids.  I was originally planning on doing this next summer, but thought I should do it now.  It is on Community Helpers and Safety.  I hope to post the Unit Study as soon as we are done.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our School Room

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Our School Room

Last week, I participated in the Not Back to School Blog Hop Curriculum Week.  This week is school room week and I have a few photos to share.   Our 'school room' also doubles as a playroom and it used to be our formal dining room.

As you can see our house has a pretty open concept plan and while we love that, it does have it's challenges.    It is the first room you see when you walk in, all the rooms blend while I don't mind having a fun and inviting learning/playing environment---I didn't want it to be overly 'packed' with 'stuff'.  So, I utilize our garage and a coat closet to store most of books, toys, etc that we are not currently using.  Also, the nursery houses a lot of toddler toys for Little Bear.

This is the view as I walk out of the Master Bedroom.  You can see the living room and school/playroom all blend together.

We recently moved my computer desk from our room to the living room.
My desk
Our US map---we love it!
A view of Bud's desk, bookcase, whiteboard and Sissy's desk.  I keep one canvas tote/box to hold their materials. 
A closer look at our whiteboard and bookshelf.  I write our daily schedule on the whiteboard, as well as, a week at a glance schedule.  Our library basket sits on top of the bookshelf.  The other basket is for completed work and whiteboard supplies.
A view of the entry and other side of the playroom
The boys playing with the train table.  This rolling trundle table is used for the train or cars or working on a lapbook, etc...
One of the columns in the room is where the clock and our house rules are displayed.
The other column is where we display the kids artwork---it's the first column you see upon entering. 
Our front door also doubles as a magnet board;)
Of course we 'do' school all over the house---Here is DH with the Bud and Sissy.

Well that's about it....I forgot to take pics of where we house our supplies--but I suppose that's for another day.   Thanks for stopping by!!