Monday, August 31, 2015

First Week of School 2015: School Room set-up and what we use for Bible, Math and Science

Here is short video of our homeschool room set -up and what we are using for Bible, Math and Science.

  We started school today after a 2 month break that went by super fast!  The kids were all begging to start school...yes, begging.   So, I decided, yeah---we can start slowly and just do 3 or 4 subjects and then add in the rest the following week.
Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Beginners

BSGFAA - intermediate

Filling out calendars for Math

We are using Bible Study Guide for All Ages  This is new for us.  I chose NOT to print it out on my own.  Instead, I bought them printed and bound and ready to go.  It really is an open and go type of Bible Study and I like that.  The only thing it does not have are memory verses to go with the lessons.  So I'm continuing to use Hubbard Cupboard's Character Trait Tune Charts:

We are continuing with CLE (Christian Light) for Math.  It is a favorite for it's ease of teaching, instruction, approach and scope/sequence.  The entire first light unit is review of the previous grade.  It helps highlight an area if they need to practice or have it re-explained before proceeding with new concepts.

We are also trying something new for Science this year: Lifepac  I like that it is low prep for me and they all have a Science that is on their own grade levels.

Lastly, we try to prepare for Presentations each day before Friday.  Classical Conversations ensures that each student has 2-3 minutes to give a Presentation to their class.  This is such a great opportunity to work on Public Speaking skills.  We take the inch by inch approach---a little practice or prep each day before Presentation.

Next week, I will share what we are using for Phonics, Handwriting, Spelling, Writing, Literature, History and Memory Work.


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