Thursday, August 6, 2015

6 Step History and People/Places History Sheets

So this year we will begin our 5th year at Classical Conversations.  It will also be our eldest son's 2nd time through Cycle 1.  He'll have one more pass through this Cycle before he goes to Challenge.  I love that he's getting layer upon layer of learning this History.

I love when my kiddos make connections with their History sentences, literature, the Bible, etc.

However, my eldest son, (let's just call him A) is not so much into arts-y/craft-y stuff.  He has always been a 'spewing out what he knows' kind of guy or 'reading all he can get his hands on a topic' kind of dude.

So I put together this to help him (and me) track his History learning.  We do not have a History Curriculum per se.  We use CC Cycle 1 History sentences as our 'spine'.  I then have a gazillion lot of supporting books like 'Story of the World', 'Pages of History', Usborne Encycolpedia's and a great many other non-fiction books.  On top of that, I have selected a picture book and chapter book/read aloud for my children to go along with each History sentence.  I love to read, A loves to read, my two littles love to be read to....this works for us.  See our History Picture books and Read Alouds here.

Without further ado here is 6 Step History and the 'People/Places' sheets.  A will fill these out each week.  And, he'll have fun or else....kidding on that one...hahhaha.  I think he'll like having it spiral bound and not fishing for Notebook pages or Narration sheets.  At the end of the year he'll have a great record of what he has learned in History --History---History--History:)

6 Step History

People-Places History Pages

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