Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A way to review Classical Conversations Memory Work and multi-task

I like to mix things up when it comes to reviewing CC memory work.  Now that my oldest is on his 2nd time through Cycle 1, I can see the value of consistent review from an early age.

Sometimes, I just say the memory work sentence/question using my CC guide or keyring cards. Other times, we utilize some of the great printables on CC Connected.  Some days, we review by listening to the Memory Work cd's in the van while we are on the go.

My new favorite way is using our Google Chromecast to broadcast the student tutorials on CC Connected from my computer to the tv.

This works for us because...

- I ask the kids to bring something to play with/keep busy while they listen and watch. (Today E brought out some Lego friends, A brought out Extreme dot to dots and Magic School bus book, J brought out his 'animal' toys.

E brought out Legos

A's book

J's animals

- They are listening to the memory work and looking up when something catches their attention.

- They are singing or saying the memory work while keeping busy with legos or pretend play.

- This is 'fun' school to them.

- It produces questions like 'Was Gandhi good?', "Did he know God?", "What is a tendril?", "Do you know what that picture of a palmate is?...cilantro!"

- I have my laptop in the living room with them on a sofa desk that I can control and push the 'next' button.
From my laptop to the tv.

- I can linger over coffee.

- I can put in a load of laundry.

- I can clean up my desk.

- I can check email.

- I can write in their assignment books for their daily work.

- I can pour another cup of coffee.

You get the picture.

Here are a couple of photos of where to find the tutorials.  (You do have to have a CC Connected monthly subscription  to access these.)

On the home page of go to the 'Connected' heading.  Under Foundations, click on the 'Student Tutorials'.  Then, if you want to have it broadcast it via Chromecast, hit your Chromecast icon on your computer to display it on your tv.

Chromecast is available at Walmart, Amazon and host of other places.   I just think this way of using it is a great way to get Memory Work in and multi-task:)

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