Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 23 Links and Extras to review and reinforce new grammar

Week 23 Extras and links:
Sometime this Week:
o   - Listen to CC Cd’s
o  -  Listen and watch CC review online
o  -  Complete the new grammar worksheet:  search on C3 – ‘New Grammar Worksheet/Quiz with word bank, in greyscale. Map included.’
o   Watch the Youtube video playlist below

o      Learn about South America
Complete the paper doll (E) or Animal Tracks worksheet (A)
o   Fill in the map of South America.  Write name of Countries in black and capitals in red.  Color the countries in the History Sentence a light green.

Literature (Still on Canada)

o   Read chapter 4 and 5 and do activities under ART

o   Complete two of the label the cloud sheets.  We will laminate them and one can be for you and one to keep in the car.

Art: (still on Canada)

o   Follow the guidelines to draw a beaver.
o   Outside collect at least 20 twigs/sticks and make mud…try to design a beaver den.

Fun and Games
·  Now you get to play. Try and 
or choose to do any of the printables/flag sheets from: