Monday, January 7, 2013

Our first day after Holiday break...easing back into a routine.

Our first day after the break:  Today we eased our way back into our school routine.  I was expecting tears and resistance.  I'm super happy that all of the kids we really wanting to start back up.  So, for today, there were very minimal tears;)

Here's a glimpse:

After breakfast, dear husband reads devotion and prays for us.  The kids are not quite ready for the day--so they get 30 min. tv time (usually Curious George).  My very informal meal ideas list for the week.  Turkey tenderloin in the crockpot.  Aaah, finally get a chance to check email and have a second cup of coffee.

The white board holds our 'schedule for the day' or really a list of subjects each child needs to cover that day.  I have an 'all' category for subjects we do together: Bible, Art, outside, manners, read aloud, etc.  Then each child has their own list of subjects.  I then write the subjects they have done on their 'daily sheet' once they have completed it.  Next up, I throw a load of laundry in the wash.  My goal is to do one load of laundry each day (wash,dry, fold and put away).  And, then on Friday or Saturday do the rest of the laundry.  But, at least I'm not left with a mountain of clothes this way.  Bud, helps write prayer requests on white board, Bible time using Rod and Staff, now out the door for some much needed running around.

  Back inside, Little Bear is focusing on the letter 'T' and learns 'I'm a little teapot', too.  He then chooses which workbook to work on first.  He likes the activities in Rod and Staff instead of Abeka 3 yr. old Nursery.  What are the big kids doing while I work one on one?  They get to play with playdoh!

We are on a Strauss 'kick' right now.  So that is what's on Pandora this morning, I get a moment to print off some printables for Bud's new Science folder and gather some materials for that.  Oooh---yi!  A quick snap of me reading to the kids.  Oh I like that view much better---our trio!  And, this is what I was going to try and get through in read alouds this morning.  But alas, we only got through one.  I got through another later in the day.  There's always tomorrow, right?

Here are some tears:( (Little Bear)---he's getting pretty hungry.  A glass of milk helps settle him for a bit, but now I need to work on lunch.  Bean, egg, bacon and cheese tacos with apples on the side is on the menu per Little Bear's request.  Uh oh...a tiff between the younger at the front door now and one at the laundry room door to separate.  Then, another ouchie (LB kept accidentally bonking his head today) big brother is taking a look and prays for him while I'm at the stove. Lunchtime and all is well now.  The mess collected from the morning--the morning goes way too fast.  Aahhh---that's better.

Now it's time for one on one time.  She starts on some Kumon letter formation (she's almost done with this book--yay!)  Being silly and singing the themes song to "Little Bill".  Phonics using Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading and All About Spelling tiles.  Now onto Horizons pre-k workbook.

Now it's Bud's time...we start with First Language Lessons (We only do Poetry and Narration from FLL).  Little Bear is playing in his room and Sis stops to show us one of her pages from Horizons.  Now LBear wants to play with Sissy while Bud starts on All About Spelling 2.  Next we do CLE Math 1 and CLE Language Arts 1. This is how and where he likes to do school---not in a desk.  That's why you see us mostly on the floor.  Lastly, it's Science time using Christian Kids Learn About Earth and Space.  It's about 2pm now.

 And the little two are taking naps while Bud, get's to have quiet time in our room.  Here he is 'armed' with all that he wants for this mandatory quiet time.  Sudoko, legos, books, atlas magnet book are among some of the things he has chosen.  I tidy up a bit and run into these 'Celebration' and 'Mom' drawings from Sissy by some picture frames.  Now, I write in all of what we've done school-wise, notes on kids eating and behavior for DH to see when he gets home.