Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Literature Selections until the Christmas Break

During the summer break I posted a list of books that have some connection to what we would be studying in Classical Conversations the previous week.  At the time, I was not even sure we would use it.  But, now 10 weeks or so into school I can safely say that we are going this route.  I had grand plans of something different before the school year started.  However, it just makes so much more sense to do as many subjects combined as possible AND to try and match things up to integrate well with the CC memory work.  I was trying to follow Memoria Press' 1st grade literature and also MFW K literature focus.  But, what I was noticing was that the books that really 'stuck' were the ones that had a great tie-in activity or a 'seek and find' memory work element to it.  Norman the Doorman by Don Freeman was the first one back in week 3 for Greek/Roman gods.  The kids got to play detective and figure out which Greek god statue was in the museum in the book.

All that to say---here is my book list from now until the Christmas Break.

week 7
Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McClosky- Connection: reproduction: eggs (Science)

week 8
Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett - Connection: China (Geography)
Owl Moon by Jane Yolen - Connection: owl pellet dissection (Science lab) and conifers (Science)

week 9  
Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack - Connection: China (History/Geography)
Down, Down the Mountain by Ellis Credle - Connection: parts of plants (Science)

week 10 
 A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako Matsuno - Connection: Japan (History/Geography)
 Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney - Connection: Parts of a flower (Science Lab)

week 11
The Crusades: Knights and Castles - Connection: History and Timeline 
Knights in Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons
Brave Young Knight by Karen Kingsbury
The Squire and the Scroll by Jennie Bishop

week 12
The Mystery Bottle by Kristen Balouche– Connection – Middle East (History)
Ali: Child of the Dessert by Jonathan London - Connection - Islam (History/ Geography)


  1. Hi:

    I have a science curriculum that matches with the CC science memory work - you can download a free sample at:

    thought maybe you would like to do a giveaway or something?


  2. Hi Kathie,

    Mind if I add some of your books to my list? You can take a look at it here.


    Thanks for the great idea. I love that I already have some of this books too, I just didn't know to add them. :-)