Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 9 - At Home

School Week 13 CC Week 9

 We are reading and learning a little more about China this week. The History sentence and Geography locations centered around China so that is what we are focusing on. Here is a little of what we're reading and also a great unit study found on Homeschool Share.
We read 'Daisy Comes Home' last week and this week we read (re-read for Bud) 'The Story About Ping'

Sis and Lil Bear got to work on Tangrams as a part of Saxon K.  Bud wanted in on this, too.

Covering the shapes
I'm so proud of her! 
.....and so proud of this little guy!
more tangram shapes

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a bird or what??

Working on calendar and also showing his 'gospel beads'.  These are kind of like 'gospel fuzzies' for those that have heard of those.

Sis showing her bead wristband and working on calendar with some incentives (Tic Tacs) in the mix.
The trio busy learning and having fun!

Bud got a chance to copy and learn some Chinese words/characters. 
Chinese calligraphy printable found here: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/chinese_character_cards.htm

He loved trying to copy these. 

We got a chance to discuss how these characters only used straight, angled or curved lines.   So, that was a nice OILS tie in.

Chinese calligraphy by Bud

Before lunch, Bud found some Space books from last year.  So of course, he pulled them out and wanted to read them.  Little Bear, of course, wanted to be just like big brother.

We are back to using A Reason for Handwriting.  For Bud, the best part about this is picking out a border page and getting to choose who to give it to.  When it comes to handwriting, I'll go with whatever motivates him.

Everyone getting ready for Daddy to get home.  We heard this quote over the summer, "You get what you INSPECT, not what you EXPECT."  Sooo, he started inspecting a few areas when he gets home.  Two of those being school areas and school work.

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