Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What we're doing this Summer

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Well in my neck of the woods summer temperatures are definitely here in full force!  It's been consistently over or near 100's the last few weeks.  Bleh!  It makes one want to be in the water or in the air condition all day.

We have off from school until August so we are at a really light and easy routine.  If we want to go outside we have to go out in the early morning or a little before dusk.

This is what we are doing to have fun/ keep busy this summer:

So, I bought the kids fun items from Michael's dollar crafts/toy area and Target's dollar spot and are giving those out once or twice a week.

I saved all of the printables/ craft sheets and activities that somehow did not get used throughout this year.  I let them choose from that file folder.

I keep crayons, tape, pencils and yes even markers in a carousel on their desks/tables with a basket of stickers, coloring books and blank paper.  This allows them to freely create anytime they wish.

Sensory trays: I am trying to let them play with a sensory tray or some kind of 'messy' art at the 'Big' table once or twice a week.

There is a lot of free and unstructured play like building  blanket tents all over the living room and creating a store or a school with their stuffed animals.

We have weekly playdates and park days with friends.  We are also exploring new parks as a family when Dad gets home.

We are not doing anything 'academic' per se except for occasionally listening to the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 CD.  We are using Hubbard's Cupboard's character trait tune charts this summer.

We ARE reading and reading and reading this summer.  I am using Simply Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online reading recommendations.  We are also participating in our local library reading program this summer.

Bud is continuing his weekly Draw, Write, Now class, too.

In the meantime, I am busy preparing for the Fall.  I can't wait to share how we are using CC Cycle 3 with our kindergartener and also what we have scheduled for our Preschool and Toddler this year.  DH and I are excited to be attending two Homeschool conferences in the next few weeks.  We went to the CC Parent Practicum a few weeks ago and learned so much.

To God be the glory!

I pray that you have a great summer!!

Bud's tent creation

shaving cream

messy fun

textured painting with tempera paint and cornstarch and a toothbrush

Inspired by Eric Carle's clouds

Little Bear's pop on creation

At their craft tables

Sensory trays: Rice

exploring a new park

Sweet Sissy

Daddy and Little Bear

Bud learned how to use a power drill from Daddy.  Here he is screwing in the frame to his bed.

Sissy made all of their beds one morning.

Best Friends

and she refolded everything in their PJ drawers

Who knows why the rice trays are a hit...but here they are again.