Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CC Cycle 3 History Enrichment Weeks 1-6 a.k.a. 'The fun stuff'

      So, I wanted some fun things for my kids to do to build upon the History content they will be learning this upcoming year.  I also wanted to be able to put the activities in a binder.  (No large salt dough maps and other large projects.)  Since my trio will be in Kinder, 1st and 3rd grade, I didn't want three separate History curriculum either.  I did some searching and 'tinkering' in Word and this is what I came up with.
     This is not the only thing we will do to help solidify the History 'grammar'.  I'll post our History plan later.  But, there will be no SOTW, too.  I know, I know...that's almost 'sacrilege' in the Classical world.  I want to focus in on what I know we could do...that one or two extra things that would NOT overwhelm.

Week 1 - Columbus, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-1

Week 2 - Pilgrims, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week2-Activity-Page

Week 3 - Boston Tea Party, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-3-Activity-Page

Week 4 - Declaration of Independence, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-4-Activity-Page

Week 5 - Washington, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-5-Activity-Page

Week 6 - Louisiana Purchase/ Lewis and Clark, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-6-Activity-Page

The Document preview below shows Week 1.  Click the above links to download or print weeks 1-6

CC Cycle 3 Reading List

I've been working on our History reading selections for the next Classical Conversations Cycle.  Cycle 3 is probably my favorite Cycle.  Now that I have children in both Upper and Lower Elementary, I thought I'd schedule out a picture book and read aloud option.

***I've recently updated up to Week 12: CC-Cycle-3-Reading-List-Weeks-1-12

If you'd like to download from Scribd directly go to:  CC-Cycle-3-Reading-List-Weeks-1-6