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Curriculum Choices: Kindergarten 2011-2012

 Well, I have been very busy all summer reading and researching our options for Bud's Kindergarten year.  We have two main choices that are, I guess you can say, our 'core' elements to this year.  Those two are: Classical Conversations and Five in a Row.  I'll be posting more how I'll use FIAR with an American History focus soon.  Check back if you are interested in that.

*If you are looking for what we are doing with our Preschooler and Toddler this year check out this post: 
2011 Preschool and Tot Activity Plans


Curriculum Choices
Kindergarten 2011-2012

·         Bible Reading

Egermeier’s Story Bible

365 Bible Stories for Young Hearts

·         Memory Verse/ Character/ Praise and Worship Songs
Raising Rock Stars Pre-school

·         Bible Memory Work
Classical Conversations Cycle 3:

·         Devotional
ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt

·         Faith Facts
Junior Bible Quiz

·         Bible Supplements
Five in a Row Bible Supplement

Doorposts Charts

Hubbard’s Cupboard Character Trait Tune Charts

·         Math
CLE Sunrise Math 1

·         Math Memory Work
Classical Conversations Cycle 3

·         Applied Math
Five in a Row

·         Early Engineering
Project ideas from Lego's Jr., Lego's manuals, Fisher Price Trio and Tinker-toys

Language Arts
·         Spelling
All About Spelling

·         Handwriting
A Reason for Handwriting A

·         Literature
Five in a Row – American History Focus (I’ll share more details on an upcoming post.)

·         Grammar Memory Work
Classical Conversations Cycle 3

·         Language Arts Supplement
Five in a Row

History/Geography/Social Studies
·         History Book List, Activities, Focus
I have put together an extensive list of printables and activities based on our Classical Conversations Cycle 3 History Cycle.  These activities would be best for k-3rd grade.  I’ll post details soon—please check back for that if you’re interested.

·         Timeline
Timeline Memory Work :
Classical Conversations Cycle 3

·         Timeline (visual)
I’m not too sure if we’ll use a Book of Centuries or Wall Timeline.  Either way I think we’ll use one of the free resources listed at Half a Hundred Acre Woods.

·         Geography Memory Work
Classical Conversations Cycle 3

·          Map Skills
We will use the Kindergarten recommendations from Leigh Bortins, The Core.

·         Social Studies
Five in a Row – American History Focus (I’ll share more details on an upcoming post.)

·         Science
We will use various books to go along with Classical Conversations Cycle 3. (too many to list)

·         Science Experiments/ Science Memory Work

·         Science Supplement
Five in a Row

Life Skills
·         Health
·         Safety
·         Manners/ Social/ Etiquette
·         Life skills
·         Chores
-          I am in the process of putting this together for our morning Circle Time.  I will use a mix of Abeka Health Safety and Manners and other fun supplements and articles.  I will post more details when they it’s finsished.
Foreign Language
·         Foreign Language
-          Right now I am wanting to teach Spanish after our 24 weeks of CC is finished and also during the summer.  I am not 100 % sure what we will use just yet.

·         Latin Memory Work
Classical Conversations Cycle 3

Fine Arts
·         Music/Composer Study
·         Artist Study
·         Art
* We will be following the suggestions from CC for all of the above.
·         Music Performance: still deciding on this…between piano and violin

Physical Education
·         Family Fitness
-  With Daddy leading before Dinner: Family Time Fitness
-  During outdoor time or playtime during the day: We will be following the schedule for Large Motor Skills/ Games that is outline in our Preschooler and Tot Plans. Here is the link: 

·         Lessons/ Team Sports
- We are in the process of determining between soccer, gymnastics, and swimming.

Extra Activities
·         Homeschool Support Group: field trips, park days, academic/ social events, Mom’s Night Out and more…
·         Field Trip/Activity Group: We will also participate with our friends on monthly field trips and get togethers.
·         Ranger Kids:  This will be his first year and he is so excited to start!
·         Junior Bible Quiz:  This another program we will start this year and are really looking forward to it.
·         Draw, Write, Now Class at our local library
·         Any P.E. or music instruction above

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Preschool and Toddler Activity Plans 2011-2012

Well, they are finally done!  I finally have the activity plans for Sissy and Lil Bear ready.  I am pretty excited about the fun and learning we are going to have this year.  I probably get asked what am I going to do with my younger two the most often.  For those interested, this is what I plan on doing.  I know full well that the best laid plans may not work out.  So, what I did was put together ideas, links and activities from some of my favorite preschool and toddler resources.  I created an IDEA LOG for each letter/book/theme and I'll plug those ideas onto our Weekly Activity Plan Sheet.  I just want this Preschool and Tot learning time to be intentional and plant the seed of a love for learning.  Each week will include something from these ten categories: Books/Story Telling/Narration, Lesson Focus, Songs/Rhymes/Fingerplays, Activities/Arts & Crafts, Alphabet Fun, Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills, Math Concepts, Creative Play, Large Motor Skills and Let's Make a Memory (usually done on Friday Family Time)


Before Five In A Row and Homeschool Share

I really wanted an alphabet focused yet literature themed I tried to match as many available B4FIAR titles and filled in some of the missing alphabet with Homeschool Share's Level 1 units.

Inspiring Blogs:

While I visit many preschool and toddler blogs, Walking by the Way, Delightful Learning and Homeschool Creations, Confessions of a Homeschooler, 1+1=1 and ABCJesuslovesme were my go-to sites for inspiration with these alphabet and literature focused activities.

A-Z Idea Logs

A is for Apples
B is for Blueberries (Berries)
C is for Caterpillars
D is for Dogs
E is for Eggs
F is for Friends
G is for Gift
H is for Hands (parts of the body)
I is for Insects (pond life)
J is for Jesus
K is for Kangaroo
L is for Ladybug
M is for Monkey
N is for Nighttime
O is for Outdoors
P is for Pocketbook/Purse
Q is for Quick (movement)
R is for Rabbit
S is for Snow (winter weather)
T is for Teddy Bear
U is for Up/Under (directions)
V is for Vegetables
W is for Water
X is for foX
Y is for Yellow 
Z is for Zoo

In addition to these activities above, we will be working on a lot of memory work, songs, and lifeskills during our Morning Circle Time (more to come on that in another post).  To help me 'get it all together' I have created a few pages.  The weekly planner goes into my lesson plan binder.  The weekly journal will be printed out and clipped onto a clipboard and then hung on the wall.  It will be there for easy access as we complete an activity, reminders or notes. After the current week, it will get 3 hole punched and put into my lesson plan binder.  Another way of using the weekly journal page is to just put it in the lesson plan binder as the opposite page of the weekly planner.  I may wind up doing that.  But for now, I will try having them hung up on the wall with a clipboard. 

Preschool and Tot Weekly Activity Planning Page and Preschool and Tot Weekly Reminders and Journal 

Oh and to help me determine if I need to buy a book or borrow from the library I have created this list: Literature Pre-K List



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