Friday, April 29, 2011

C is for Cow and H is for Horse (farm animals)

Well, I haven't posted about school in a few weeks.  We have been having school---but our weekends have been so busy that I have not had a chance to update the blog.

We started the farm animals section of My Father's World a few weeks ago.  Since G is for Goat discusses Jesus' sacrifice on the cross--I am waiting until next week to go over that.

C is for Cow- God's Word helps me to grow.

H is for Horse- I obey right away.

read alouds- James Herriot's Treasury for Children:

A Year at Maple Hill Farm and Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm

Bud has enjoyed James Herriot's Treasury.  The stories have really engaged him.  He is not a huge animal/farm person so I'm glad he is enjoying this series.

I have tried to find step by step drawing instructions for animals lately.   Bud usually draws the animal on the top portion of the copywork pages from Mama Jenn's Word to Remember pages

We used a lot of the printable pages from Making Learning Fun farm section for this unit.

For Sissy and Little Bear, I used some of the great printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week. 

Little Bear hamming it up for the camera.

He enjoys the large bingo markers.

Sissy did a great job on her letter C.

Okay I printed out a stack of these bingo marker pages and I think Sis did most of them.  She loves to use those markers, too.

Moving on to Horse---using watercolors

Sissy is very careful

A close-up pic of James Herriots "Bonnie's Big Day"

I can still play with play doh, right?  Well, here is my attempt at a horse.

I've really limited the amount of toys in the play/school room.  I am trying to rotate toys each week.  I brought out the wooden toys and Little Bear loooved them.

Bud's picture and Words to Remember copywork.  We continue to say this phrase.  It is one we will truly remember.  'I obey right away' and then we add 'neigh, neigh, neigh'.

Bud's handwriting sheet.  I think he has great handwriting for  his age.

Sissy wanted to start learning to write her letters.  Here is a pic of her writing in her Kumon book.

We've had some beautiful days and nights here in past weeks.  One night we decided to eat al fresco.  Here's DH with our trio.

The parting of the Sea craft by Bud.

Sorting farm animals, pets, wild animals and ocean animals

Bud likes sorting games.

To follow the 'I obey right away' theme, I hid some muffin boxes and called out directions for them to find them.  This is the last direction to Sissy's play washer. 
Bud mixing blueberry muffins.

Each one got to mix their own muffin mix.

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