Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Classical Conversations Week 9 - Tutoring

Review Game: "Sticky Hands"

This game is so simple.  My class really liked this one---it got a lot of laughs.  More importantly, it got a lot of answered review questions.  Kudos to Traci at http://motherofchina.blogspot.com/ for sharing this idea last year.  It's a keeper!

-This game is kind of like 'fishing'.  The sticky hand is the 'fishing pole'.  Whatever, cards the sticky hand picks up---are the cards the student answers.
- I used the CC Memory Master flashcards.  I spread them on the ground and they got to see how many their sticky hand picked up.
- I bought the sticky hands at Target in the party supplies aisle.  I found them in the $1-$2 goodie bag toys area. 

Sis helping me practice this review game at home.

New Grammar:

Geography:  We located and labeled areas for Eastern Asia.  I also showed them visual clues to remember some of the Continents and also China.  They took turns coming up to the big map and pointing to different locations.  I'll have to post this printable soon.  I need to consolidate them to one sheet first.  If you are interested---leave me a message.

Timeline: I showed the timeline cards and explained hand motions for the new timeline grammar.  We I used the hand motions from C3 (Classical Learning Center) main page: https://www.classicalconversations.com/foundations-classical-learning-center     One of their favorite motions this week was Benedict and Monasticism (a monk robe).

History:  We learned the history sentence about the Confucius and Taoism by doing hand motions.  I also shared to scriptures with them about having ‘no other god’s’ and also that Jesus is ‘the way, the truth and the life..’.  

English Grammar: We learned the next set of the prepositions using hand motions.  The class really likes to do these motions.  I am using the motions found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj08_kRNOuY .  

Math: I have been having the students find a number on the skip counting chart to help them with number recognition. ( I have mostly First graders.) We then sang the tune for the 15’s.  You can find the skipping counting posters here: http://www.homeschoolcreations.net/2012/01/skip-counting-charts-updated  I like how it visually shows the ‘skipping’ of numbers.  

Latin: I showed them the Latin pronunciation chart to help sound out the Latin noun endings.  The one I used can be found on C3:  C1 Latin Noun Declensions Picture Pronunciation Gu.pdf* Picture keywords to help students correctly pronounce the Latin Noun Endings* NoGreaterJoy5

Science: We recited the science sentence on parts of a plant.  This was a fun and simple one as the class got to pretend to be these parts.

Science Lab:

 We went on a nature walk.  Boy, did they ever have fun doing this.  I think their little eyes are pretty astute on finding critters and interesting things.  I used brown lunch bags and glued a checklist of things to find.  (I found this checklist on C3)  I also had colored pencils, clipboards and a lab sheet ready at the end of our walk.  The students were then able to draw and tape down things they found---that were not animals;)

Tin Whistle:

We discussed rhythm.  We learned a hand rhyme to remember the whole, half and quarter notes. This was pretty fun and I know we'll review this again and again.   The children then identified which of those notes were in ‘Mary had a little lamb’.   I also used the Rhythm Pizza printouts that are found here: http://susanparadis.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/rhythmn-pizza-on-foam-board/

We also went over some conducting prompts to help them know when to start playing.  I clap and then say ‘1, 2, ready and’.  That is our cue to start playing.  The class surprised us all by playing the song pretty well the first time.  I have found that my little ones can remember the song easier by learning which finger hole to cover.    (Mary had a little lamb Finger code: 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 2)

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