Monday, March 28, 2011

I is for Insect

We had a great Spring Break.  Some of the cousins got a chance to visit and we celebrated Little Bear's birthday!

Last week, we got back to school and it was I is for Insect week.  It was a great week for it since it is really starting to feel like Spring around here.  Because it's Central Texas some days also feel like Summer and the occasional Fall/Winter weather, too.  But, we'll take it--since everyday will start to be in the '90's soon.

The Words to Remember were: I am a wise child so I work hard.

Looking at all the bugs they found underneath an outside toy.

Sissy and one of our neighbors looking for bugs.

Making fingerprint ants

more insects

I've been going through the book, 'Slow and Steady Get Me Ready' by June Oberlander with Sissy.  It was the 'Money Talk' lesson.  Here she is observing a nickel and penny with a magnifying glass.

More fingerprint creepy crawlies

We had beautiful weather last week!  The kids spent hours outside and I do mean hours:)

Bud trying to catch or look for insects.

Little Bear with his new batting tee.

He loves it!

Watch out--he'll hit it far!

Bud's photograph of the sky!

A little overcast

Grey skies

Cowgirl Sissy

Making inchworms carefully after reading 'Inch by Inch' by Leo Lionni

Play dough inchworms---fun!

After reading 'The Little Red Hen'--the kids played with all types of grains.  How does that connect with insects?  Well, it connects with the Words to Remember: I am a wise child so I work hard.  The hen was wise and worked hard and the other animals were lazy and did not work hard. 

They loved this activity.  It was very open ended....I didn't give them any instructions on what to do with it.

They were creating recipes and played for a loooong time.

Bud creating a 'recipe'.


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  1. Such sweet memories! K was a phenomenal year for us!! I love the way you gave them various grains to play with. Great job! :)

  2. Hi Kathie!

    Thank you for linking up! Looks like you guys had a fun, creepy, crawly kind of week!

    We had beautiful weather last week too...not so much this week, I hope it returns soon! I didn't realize how much the kids and I missed being outside!

    Have a great weekend!