Monday, July 9, 2012

What we've been up to.....

I just wanted to post what we've been up to this Summer.

- I've been working on my 20 year highschool reunion committee.  Wow!  It's hard to believe it's been that long--it sure doesn't feel like it.  Any other 1992 grads out there?
- Narrowing down curriculum choices and extra charts, printables, learning supplies, etc.  I have all the curriculum purchased and ready to's all those little extras now: magnet tiles, index boxes, making binders, printing out all of those lovely resources I've found on Pinterest, etc, etc.
- Organizing, de-cluttering and setting up for the start of our new school year.
- I'm working on a Nursery Rhyme activity schedule for Lil Bear.  I'm matching it up to go along with MFW K since Sissy will be doing that in the Fall and Lil Bear will be 'tagging along'.  Anyone else using MFW K this Fall?
- I'm working with DH on thoughts, ideas and structure for our Bible focus this year.  So, I've gathered supplies, narrowing down choices and trying to 'flesh it out' on paper.
- I was really busy before the summer on Pinterest.  I pinned a gazillion---not quite--but a lot of ideas to correlate with History, Science and other Cycle 1 subjects.  Now, I'm trying to narrow those down to just one History and Science idea per week to do along with a few other CC families as just additional enrichment.

- Listening and enjoying John Phillip Sousa and creating instruments and pulling out their instruments to play along.
- Working on 'projects': Sis found a bunch of random stickers, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies and has been making 'Christmas decorations' can never start too early.  Bud has been using cardstock and scissors and cutting numbers freehand...he's in the 30's now.  Hmmmm....he's going to have great scissor skills.  Lil Bear has been 'copying' big brother and is 'cutting' something really ''s precious;)
- Swimming and sprinkler parks: Swim lessons are finished for the summer and now they get to go with Dad to the pool when he gets home.  We try to go as often as possible.  We've also been to different sprinkler parks in our's almost a necessity around here.
- Making up games,  playing together and reading....that pretty much sums up the summer.
- We have a few more 'big' things to do and go to before we start back up in August.  But for the most part they are just 'taking it easy'.  This is really helping to add anticipation for school---they can't wait to get started and using and reading all of the new books.

 I hope your Summer is going well, too!

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  1. We listened to lots of John Philip Sousa last week too!

  2. Hi Kathie! I found your blog at the CC link-up at HHAW, and thought I'd come by to say hello. I blog at My family is starting CC in the Fall. It's very refreshing to find other CC mamas out in the blog world. I just became on of your latest followers, and I can't wait to see your ideas for the next year. I've already jotted some of yours down. Nice to meet you, and I'll try to peep in ever so often!