Sunday, August 10, 2014

CC Cycle 3 History Enrichment Pages - Part 2

I posted the first 6 weeks printables earlier in the Summer.  You can find them here: CC-cycle-3-history-enrichment-weeks-1-6.html

Here are Weeks 7-12:

Week 7 - War of 1812, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-7-Activity-Page

Week 8 - Henry Clay & Missouri Compromise, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-8-Activity-Page

Week 9 - Compromise of 1850, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-9-Activity-Page

Week 10 - President Polk & US Westward Expansion, Scribd link History-Cycle-3-Week-10-Activity-Page

Week 11 - Abraham Lincoln & Civil War, Scribd link HIstory-Cycle-3-Week-11-Activity-Page

Week 12 - 14th Amendment, Scribd link HIstory-Cycle-3-Week-12-Activity-Page


**Want to see what we plan on reading?  Here is a link to our Literature list for Weeks 1-12 Our Reading List Weeks 1-12**


  1. These history enrichment pages are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Do you by any chance have weeks 13-24?

  2. Hi there,

    No, I haven't made printable sheets for this half of the year. I updated with our activity plans today for week 19. Next Cycle, I hope to have all 24 before the Holidays. Thanks for stopping by.