Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Kindergarten Goals

 I have the link below to the goals and plan we have for the year.  It really helps me to have it all out on paper--if you're interested click on the link to check it out.

Here is the link to the the Resources/Curriculum choices document for 2010 for Kindergarten

2010 Kindergarten Curriculum Choices and Resources

Kindergarten Resources: 2010

Main Resource:  My Father's World Kindergarten 

Bible/ Character:
·         Integrated in MFW K
·         NIV Bible
·         Beginner’s Bible
·         Everything a Child Should Know About God by Kenneth Taylor
·         Hubbard’s Cupboard Joyful Learning Memory Verses
·         Raising Rock Stars Notebook
·         Rainbows (Noah’s Zoo Club)
·         ABC’s of Character by Tony Salerno
·         My ABC Bible Verses

·         Integrated in MFW K
·         Hubbard’s Cupboard Calendar Binder:
·         Math Journal and Math Tubs
·         Math concepts review sheets that correspond with MFW K  (download)

·         Living Math Books
·         *Possibly Math Mastermind

Integrated in MFW K
Nature Journal (download available soon)

Language Arts:
·         Phonic: Queens Language Lessons for Little Ones volume 3
·         Readers: Abeka Reading for Fun Enrichment Library
·         Handwriting: Donna and MFW K
·         Read Alouds: MFW K, Simply Charlotte Mason List, Classical Homeschooling lists (download)
Fine Arts:
·         Integrated in MFW K
·         Integrated in Queens LLFLO
·         Hubbard’s Cupboard Imagination Station
·         Intro to Classical Music
Social Studies:
U.S. States Notebook based on The Train of States by Peter Sis and pages from Enchanted Learning
Various Unit Studies on holidays, communities, history, etc:
-          Community and Safety (download) 
-          The 1st Thanksgiving
-          Christmas
-          New Years
-          Mail, Maps and Me
Life Skills:
Life Skills activities (download available soon)

P.E. and Games
P.E. and Games activities (download available soon)

Next up planning forms and such...

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