Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Day of School Pics

So I am finally getting to posting pics of the first day of school---here we go!

These are Bud's work folders

Activity Boxes: Top row is for Bud, 2nd row is Sissy's and bottom row is for Little Bear, my supply box on bottom right

 Close up view of Sissy's boxes...she has the most 'stuff' in activity boxes for her "Tot School" time

First Day of School photo with Dad

Bud...Pre-K 4
 Morning Calendar Time
 Even Little Bear is joining in
 Sissy has her Tot School Folder
 Bud's Math time (sorting)
 White board with our schedule

Bud's desk: You can see what he has already done for the day on his chart on the wall.

This is where he puts the completed folders/work.
Sis working on a puzzle from her Tot Box

In action

Sis was very proud that when she finished this alphabet puzzle!

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  1. Kathie, you are super organized xxxx love reading all that you are up to, it seems both you and the kids are loving homeschool xxx