Sunday, October 24, 2010

M is for Moon/ Goodnight Moon

We worked on the M is for Moon lessons from MFW K the last two weeks and also went through 'Goodnight Moon' BFIAR

We enjoyed the weather outside a lot the last few weeks...Bud picking up acorns.

They were having a blast just filling up buckets with acorns.

My baby gave this to sweet--Little Bear loves his Mama!


Little Bear taking a milk break

Sissy 'painting' the house with water

She loved this....and I loved that it was not real paint--at least not until later;)

Little Bear with one of his favorite toys---a football!!!

The solar system by Bud

Bud also put the planets in order and wanted to make a 'banner'--hmmm, I wonder where he got that idea of a banner?
Sis' dot to dot 'E' and Bud's astronaut

Goodnight Moon resources and Moon printables from:  homeschool share

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