Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Update

School is going really well so far! I realized I haven't updated how the first week went--or the first month or so for that matter.

We have settled into a groove for the most part.

To recap:

Bud (Pre-K 4)is using My Father's World K for Bible/Character, Science and supplementing Math. He is using Queen's English Language Lessons for Little One's v.3 for Phonics, Narration and Picture Study. We are also going to start Abeka K Math (since we were given this workbook for free). Math is his favorite subject so if we breeze through it we will start MEP year 1. We have also started going to a once a week homeschool Co-op where Bud is taking a Moods/Manners class, Fine Arts class, and a Spanish class.

MEP Math 

MFW K suggest a 6 day schedule per theme....and to be honest, I try to just stay on one theme for a week.
However, I love the flexibility of the program and there have been times we have stayed two weeks on one theme and that is just fine.

I am also using this year to do 'delight directed' and topical unit studies with the kids.  We start the second unit study next we'll delay our MFW K theme for the following week.

So far we have covered the Community Helpers/Safety (unit study) Days of Creation, The Sun,  and the Moon.  We will take a detour this week and study Astronauts/Solar System a little more in depth.

I am loving MFW K...the themes, Bible and Science activities is really top notch!

For Sissy, I am using Before Five in a Row.  Thanks to Amber at Refined Metals Academy, I am using her list for matching up themes/titles for BFIAR and MFW K.   Sissy is also part of the preschool class at Co-op.  They focus on a different alphabet each week and have fun activities centered around that letter/theme---she loooooves it!

Little Bear is joining us when he wants.  I set up a few weekly activity boxes for him.   He is on the brink of a language explosion here...any day now, any day now:)

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