Monday, November 15, 2010

L is for Leaf/ Caps for Sale

We spent the last two weeks on L is for Leaf from MFW K.

We had a great time--but, it's definitely time to move on to our Thanksgiving unit study.

In addition to MFW K, we used the following books:

Let's Read and Find out: Let's Be a Friend to Trees by Patricia Lauber

Discovering Trees by Douglas Florian

Caps for Sale Esphyr Slobodkina 

Our favorite non-leaf books this week were:

Bud: Train of States by Peter Cis

Sissy:   Old Bear by Jane Hissey

Little Bear: Touch and See Bible

Most craft/activity ideas came from:

MFW K board

and some of my friend's ideas;)

Five in A Row:

We didn't do any other crafts relating toour Five in a Row book these past two weeks,  other than reading Caps for Sale many times and discussing and trying to act it out...

But, you should have heard Sissy yell out 'Caps for sale..50 cents a cap'...hillarious!

We went through the MFW K lessons and Bud really 'got' the Leaf without the plant object lesson.  But, other than that--leaves were just an okay thing for him.

But here is what I caught on camera:

We started out the L is for Leaf unit by Bud receiving a letter from a friend that lives in Kansas....boy, did he looove that.  She also sent leaves from her backyard--this inspired him to collect leaves that had started to fall. 

Leaf work started by the kids making letters/words out of colorful straws--Bud spelled the word Leaf

Sissy made a letter 'E'
We had fun color mixing again...they love this--even Little Bear

Sissy painting using q-tips as paint brushes

Laying out brown paper grocery bags to form a tree pattern

Coloring leaf templates

Bud coloring leaves in Fall colors

first batch for the tree ready to go

Some of the more colorful leaves along with 'Lulu' the leaf that didn't want to stay in the plant (MFW K)

Little Bear enjoying coloring on brown paper bags

bud painting part of the tree trunk

The whole crew working on art

Funny how sometimes my kids don't like what I like or would have liked....Bud, trying on only ONE hat--not many ala 'Caps for Sale'

Bud's tree...he glued all the leaves on himself;)
The whole 'sweet' tree

Sissy pulled out her Snow White headband and found a new way to wear it;)

Leaf Rubbings...thanks Jess for the great ideas!

Bud working on one of his leaf rubbings

Washing coins ---the whole money/change inspired by 'Caps for Sale' 50cents a cap!

stirring/cleaning his change

Math time!
Inspired by the letter 'I' from co-op class...playing 'Don't break the ice'

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