Friday, February 18, 2011

D is for Dinosaurs

The past few weeks have had it's ups and downs with bad weather and illness.  But, we've turned a corner!  Signs of Spring are starting to show and hopefully we'll put these stomach bugs and sore throats behind us.

So I'll post what we have for D is for Dinosaur week using MFW K.  Bud was not too crazy about Dinosaurs.  I thought he would love it---but, no--he doesn't like the ferocious looking meat-eaters thank you very much;)  We did have some really good discussions from reading some of the books on our book list.  We had some fun crafts and messy art projects.

The Words to Remember for D is for Dinosaur were: Big and Small God made them all

We used Enchanted Learning for a lot of the crafts and printouts.

We read:

Ken Ham's What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs

A Picture Book of Dinosaurs by  Claire Nemes

DK's "Meet the Dinosaurs"

to go along with Syd Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur

They woke up on Valentine's morning to heart shaped waffles and a note on their plates from Mommy and Daddy--with a few other goodies, too;)

Bud really enjoyed coloring and writing the names of some of the dinosaurs.

That's Stegosaurus with a really big G in the middle;)

Sis trying to get the hang of color by number.

Shapes dinosaur

Making paper plate dinosaurs....Little Bear getting in on the act of course.

I threw in color mixing with white to make light colors like: baby blue and lavender.


The whole crew busy painting
Now they just have to wait until it dries to put the paper plate dinosaurs together.
I've mentioned our devotional that uses the alphabet--so here's a pick of our D devotional.

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