Friday, December 16, 2011

November favorite pics

November was such a fun and full month.  Here are some of my favorite pics that tell a summary of what we did.

Lil Bear trying to form pipe cleaner letters

A box full of fun stuff keeps  Lil Bear occupied while working with Sis and Bud.

We made muffins on a gray and rainy day.

Each one chose their flavor.

The finished product----yum!

Bud worked to complete a nature walk badge for Ranger Kids (Royal Rangers).

Here's a close-up of what he found and labeled.  I think his captions are pretty cute. (Purpley orange leaf, leaves with acorn still attached)

Close up of his presentation

We covered the letter G--glitter garden flowers.  Sis getting ready for Rainbows (Missionettes)

Lunch time at Classical Conversations with friends....Bud wasn't crazy about having his pic taken---ergggh;(

Bud's juice box invention

We made a  fruit turkey at our Homeschool Co-op's pre-k Thanksgiving party

...and a last minute candy corn chocolate cake---thanks to Pepperidge Farms and Pinterest downloads.

working on a craft at the Thanksgiving Party

more craft time

sweet friends

My two boys getting ready for church.

Sis came with me to our Pastor daughter's wedding.  It was her first time to go to a wedding at church and she loved it!
A special practice on the 'big stage' at church.

Christmas choir practice ---'GT and the Halo Express'

HBud absolutely looooved being in the choir.  It was a big victory for our typically shy kid to get up there in the front row.

Here is Bud working on a map free hand.  I love his captions--Canada=cold

Tracing the US

so focused

Sis picking up crayons with kitchen tongs---great fine motor fun.

Thanks for stopping by---December pics to come!

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