Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where did the time go? October favorite pics

 Things are moving pretty fast here on the homeschool front....and with little time to blog I thought I'd put up my fav's for the month of October.   One thing I really love about being apart of Classical Conversations is that it keeps me on track on what to focus on in our studies of History/Literature and Memory Work.  In October we finally got out of the triple digit weather and enjoyed a sort of Spring like weather.  On some days we just took everything outside---what a treat.

CLE Math outside

Working on one of his favorite subjects--math!

Sis and Lil Bear in the 'club house'.

Before Five in a Row---"Angus Lost" by Marjorie Flack

We broke out the tents..why not?

Field trip to a wonderful farm.

They were so glad that Grammy could join us on this field trip.

Some of our church friends may recognize the farmer.

Cow milking demonstation---Hershey the Cow.

Going on a hayride.

Ostrich egg

Cutie Lil Bear looking at the chickens

They had a great animal preserve on the farm.

Gears, gears, gears play

Play doh letters with Sis

Learning about the Declaration of Independence and trying to sign like John Hancock.

There is his interpretation;)

Play doh letters with Lil Bear

Snack and letter find outside with Sis

Color by number outside on the easel with Bud.

Nature Journal with the kids.  I wrote as we observed.

October was a great month....snacks and cars in the 'club house' with Lil Bear.

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