Friday, August 10, 2012

Circle Time Plans 2012

We have tried to start our school day with a 'Circle Time'.  For us, that means gathering together after breakfast, Bible time with Dad, and our morning 'chores' routine.  (Make bed, get dressed, etc.)  This year, I wanted to add a few more activities that we could all do together.  I'm looking forward to this time four days a week.

**2012-13 Curriculum Plans**

1.      Bible
      - Bible Reading with Activities: Rod and Staff Bible Reader and Coloring
-                     - Prayer: prayer with list
-                    - Devotional: Day by Day Devotions and Big Thoughts for Little People
-                    - Memory Verses: our own selections
-                    - Character: From Church virtues of the month and MFW K

2.      The Pledge
3.      Calendar: a compilation of online resources
4.      Recitations:
-                    - Memoria Press 1st Grade
-                     -  MFW K Words to Remember Pre-K
-                     - MFW K Words to Remember Preschool

5.      Safety Tip: Personal Saftey Fun to Know Cards (discuss, show, display, review)
6.      Life Skills/ Manners: Hands on Homeschooling list and Manners e-book
7.      Handwriting Drill:
-                    - Name
-                    -  Letter of the Week (Use formation rhyme)
-                    - Number of the Week (Use formation rhyme)
-                    - Then refer to ABC Jesus Loves Me info chart
8.      Handicraft Skill: Drawing of the Day
-                    - Various resources: Drawing with Children, Usborne, Ed Emberley,
-                    -  Practice Sheets: 1+1=1 calendar sheets 
9    9.  ASL Alphabet: cards from Homeschool Creations

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