Friday, August 10, 2012

Curriculum Plans 2012 - 2013

Our new school year starts on Monday. (Hip hip hooray!)  The following lists our carefully thought out, over researched, and much discussed curriculum plans for the new year:

Circle Time
Family Time Fitness (Dad)
Classical Conversations


With Mom:
With Pre-K’er: (He won’t HAVE to do these activities, but he will be included according to his attention span.)

First Grade

-        Reading: Memoria Press Storytime Treasures and More Storytime Treasures
-        Spelling: All About Spelling
o   Complete level 1 and begin on level 2
-        Handwriting: Memoria Press New American Cursive
-        Grammar, Poetry, Narration: First Language Lessons
-        Literature: Memoria Press
-        Copywork: Memoria Press
  • ClassicalConverations: Weekly Presentations, Science Experiments, Fine Arts, Memory Work: Timeline, History, English Grammar, Latin, Math, Scienc, Geography
-        CC online for review
o   History: using History Highlights from c3, hands on history group with friends, and book basket list
-         Ranger Kids
-        Co-op activities
-        Draw Write Now class
-        T-Ball (Fall)
-        Hands on History class
-        Junior Bible Quiz
-        Piano 

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  1. I like your Pre-K schedule. I'm preparing for our first week of school next week. How do you like Saxon K? (we are contemplating MUS versus Saxon).