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2013-2014 Curriculum

2013-2014 Curriculum

Character Traits: Hubbard Cupboard Joyful Heart Character
Bible Memorization
Bible Portion to go with H.C. Joyful Heart

We have the Teacher edition for me (customized), Deluxe Student for 2nd grader (customized),  and 2 Early Learner Planners.

Memory Work and Subject Focus: Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Math: Core- Christian Light Math
Reviews that sum up why we like CLE Math
Math Facts: Classical Conversations Addition and Multiplication Flashcards

Core: Rod and Staff ABC Series
Literature: Five In a Row inspired activities and book list

Phonics and Reading: CLE Learning to Read
Early Math/Letter Formation/ Critical Thinking: CLE Kindergarten II

Literature: Five In a Row inspired activities and book list

2nd Grade
Handwriting: Memoria Press New American Cursive 1 and 2
2nd grader is almost finished with NAC 1 and will move into 2 soon.
Writing Composition  2nd Grade (1st 3 quarters): Essentials in Writing
Poetry Composition: Crafty Classroom Poetry Journal
Grammar/Spelling (2nd Grade): CLE Language Arts 1 & 2
2nd Grader will finish LA 1 and then go on to LA 2 (We started CLE LA late last year after making the decision to switch from First Language Lessons.)
Independent Reading/Comprehension: Veritas Press More Favorites and 2nd Grade Comprehension Guides
·  Danny and the Dinosaur
·  Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective
·  The Hundred Dresses
·  Mouse Soup
·  My Father`s Dragon
·  Now We are Six
·  Owls in the Family
·  Sarah Plain and Tall
·  Baby Island
 ·  Boxcar Children
·  Little House in the Big Woods
·  Little House on the Prairie
·  Milly Molly Mandy
·  Pinocchio
·  The Railway Children
·  Winnie the Pooh

Read Alouds: Booklist inspired by Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Science: Apologia Exploring Creation through Astronomy (2 days a week)
History: Story of the World Vol. 2 Middle Ages (2 days a week) (book, cd, and activity book)
Geography: Classical Conversations “The Core” by Leigh Bortins Ch. 8 suggestions/ Geo Trivium Tables
Tracing and continent blob maps
Geography Trivium Tables

Classical Conversations Extra Activities, Projects, plans: Sola Gratia Mom CC Cycle 2 Plans
Art Projects Video: Homeart Studio (K, 1st and 2nd year)
Arts and Crafts

Outside the home activities
-        Classical Conversations Community Day (2 oldest)
-        3 hour once a week Athletics program (2 oldest)
-        Kids Khoir Fall and Spring (all three)
-        Junior Bible Quiz (2 oldest)
-        Ranger Kids/Mpact Girls (all three)
-        Area co-op  once a week: park day and chess club (all three)
-        Field Trips all year:)

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