Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our School Room 2013

This is the view of our room as you walk in the door.  

This is the 'window' wall to the right.  There's our green couch, the white Ikea 'side' school table, calendar and art work. 

The small wall on the right side of the window...calendar and small 3m hooks for our activity calendars and chore charts.  CLE learning to read cards are starting to line the door frame. 

Closer look at calendar and hooks.  I have our CC community calendar, family Google calendar printed out, kids ministries at our church calendar, and kids chore charts.
Another look at this table...I rotate puzzles and activities on the two shelves.  You can see that I use ordinary binder clips and 3m hooks for displaying work.   There are CLE sight word cards under the window trim, too. 

This white Ikea kids table is no longer sold.  But, I love it for the two shelves below.  I use this space for a lot of 1 on 1 time with kids.  I sit on the sofa as the child works at the table. 

Over and around the sofa are 3m hooks and binder clips to display artwork and school papers. Those are never in short supply.

The center of the room---our Ikea gateleg table.  This by far my favorite homeschool furniture purchase.  The stools are also from Ikea and work well with it.  I love that it folds down on both sides for extra floor space and room.

There are drawers on each side for a total of 6 deep drawers. 

You can see how this table folds.  However, we usually leave it out and occasionally fold up one side. 

In the corner, is our current 'extra' books for the week.  They are supporting books from our home library or the local library for the weeks' History or Science focus.

Above the table are these three boards.  I believe all of them are from Hobby Lobby.  The whiteboard on the right is the 'teaching' board.  That is where I write out examples and teach.  The whiteboard on the left is used for our schedule and behavior/attitude chart.  The center peg board has Prayer charts/schedule, our current Bible/Character focus and sibling rules chart.

A closer look at that center peg board and our 'tool box' of supplies.  That bin houses regular plastic cups full of pencils, colored pencils, dry erase markers, scissors and glue.  It also has two clipboards, maps, counting charts, dry erase pages handy for easy access.

A look at our schedule.  The red is behavior/attitude.  Bottom line if you have 3 sad faces = no reward for the day.  If you do not have 3 sad faces you get 15 min. DS or Kindle time and a pick from our candy jar.  If you get three smiley faces you get extra 15 minutes of DS/Kindle.  It works for us...and Dad can see how the day went as far as attitudes and behaviors go. 

The other corner houses one portion of our Legos.  These help the boys when I am reading a lot out loud.  Also our youngest likes to play in the room with us after his school work is done. 

A peak of one of the can fit a lot;)

The wall opposite the window...TV and bookshelf, pics and closet.

This is another one of my favorite homeschool furniture pieces: Ikea Expedit.  There are two cubbies for me plus each of the kids (top/bottome).  My top cubby has Ikea mag. holders with coloring books, drawing books, file folder games, Bible and an atlas.  My basket house all of the teacher's manuals that I need for this semester.  The kid' top cubbies have their portfolio binder, any individual subject binder they need, a mag file for extra work or work not completed and they fave activity books.  Their bottom baskets hold all of their workbooks and assignments plus their supply box. 

To the left of the tv are the current 'books of the week'.  This week it is: Blueberries for Sal for our youngest.  For our oldest two: Patrick the Patron St. or Ireland (Medieval Period)

A different view...not a whole lot of room but totally doable.

Kinder girl working.  The stools are stackable and also from Ikea.  It was one stop shopping for me there;)

On the other side of the tv is a clear paper holder/organizer from Office Depot.  It houses our planners from A Plan In Place.

Here are the shelves and cubbies.  (I greened out names.)

This Filetastic hanging file is from Mardel.  This is probably my favorite store--ever;) 

A peak inside our school closet. 

This is the other side of the closet.  This one closet helps with organization of the entire room.  It stores, supplies, books, paper, printer, files, etc, etc....

This room always seems to have someone in it working or......

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  1. This looks fantastic!! I love your fun classroom!!! Hope the school year goes great for y'all!

  2. How wonderful to have an entire room dedicated to schooling! Great job, Kathie! ---Elizabeth Ennis